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How to Adopt

Everything you need to know about finding your new best friend.

What is the APF's adoption process?
Your first step to adopting a pet is to complete an adoption questionnaire. These are available at the shelter or you may download a form here.

  • You will be asked to provide a form of identification with current address, such as a driver’s license.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to adopt without a parent or guardian.
  • If renting property or living with a parent, you will be asked to provide proof that pets are allowed where you are living. We will contact the homeowner for verification.
  • Once a staff member has reviewed your adopter questionnaire, you can spend some time with the animals. Our staff can help guide you toward pets that might be right for you.
  • If you are interested in adopting a dog, please bring along any children who live with you or visit on a regular basis. If you are looking to add an additional dog to your family, you should plan to bring your dog to the shelter to meet the new canine companion. It is preferable that you call us first to set up a time for a dog to dog meeting.
  • When you've found that special someone, complete the adoption process by reviewing and signing the adoption agreement. This details the care you will need to provide for your new pet.
  • You will be provided with important medical and training information about your new pet. Ask any questions you have before leaving. You are always welcome and encouraged to call back at any time should more questions come up.

What are the adoption fees and what is included?
The dog or cat you take home will have received an average of over $200 worth of veterinary care. This includes spay or neuter, vaccinations, testing for various diseases, and other treatments. We rarely recover the cost we invest in each animal.

Our adoption fees vary by age and species. Cat adoptions range from $50 (for senior or special needs pets) to $200 (for purebred kittens.) Dogs range from $50 to $300, again varying by age and breed. Small animals vary by species, ranging from $5 for gerbils and hamsters to $75 for ferrets. Compared with prices charged at pet stores and breeders and with all the care we provide, our fees are a great value.

Why do fees vary? The most popular pets are kittens, puppies and purebreds. So some of our wonderful pets -- those who are a little older or have special needs -- are often overlooked. The range of fees is to encourage adoption of the “less popular” pets, as well as to help offset the cost of extra care for those who need it.

You will be provided with a medical history which will include the following:

  • Physical exam
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Blood test for FeLV (Feline Leukemia) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)
  • General de-wormer
  • Feline distemper vaccine (FVRCP)
  • Rabies vaccine (if 3 months or older)
  • Flea treatment as needed
  • Ear mite treatment as needed
  • Collar and ID tag
  • Adoption folder with information about caring for your new pet
We can provide a cardboard cat carrier for $5, or you may bring one with you.
You can have your pet microchipped
at the time of adoption for $25.
  • Physical exam
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Blood test for heartworm, Lyme disease, ehrlicia
    (a tick-borne illness), and anaplasma (a bacterial disease)
  • General de-wormer
  • Canine distemper vaccine (DA2PP)
  • Bordetella vaccine
    (“kennel cough”)
  • Rabies vaccine
    (if 3 months or older)
  • Flea treatment
  • Fecal exam
  • Collar, leash, and ID
  • Adoption folder with information about caring for your new pet
You can have your pet microchipped at the time of adoption for $25.
  • Physical exam
  • Rabbits will be spayed or neutered
  • Ferrets will be vaccinated
    for rabies
  • Adoption folder with information about caring for your new pet


Senior Discount Program
The APF provides the opportunity for seniors (age 60 and older) to adopt a cat or dog that is one year or older at a $50 discount. All we ask is to take a photo of the adopter and their new pet at the time of adoption. Senior adoptions are supported in part by a grant from the Pets for the Elderly Foundation. Additional donations are always appreciated.



Pets for Patriots
Pets for Patriots is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to connecting homeless pets with military personnel. Service members are eligible at any stage of their careers - active, reserve, inactive reserve, retired or veteran- and from any branch of service. The organization supports adoption of dogs or cats at least two years old, large dogs over 40 pounds, as well as special needs dogs and cats. To ease the costs associated with pet ownership, member Patriots who complete eligible adoptions through our shelter will receive access to reduced cost veterinary care for the life of their pet, in addition to cost reductions for basics such as food, toys and pet supplies. Service members must first apply through Pets for Patriots online and provide proof of military service. Approval takes only a day or two, after which the adopter can visit the APF to meet their new best friend. For more details, visit www.petsforpatriots.org


What if I don’t find just who I’m looking for?
Once you have submitted an adopter questionnaire, it will be kept on file for six months. You can come back whenever you are ready to adopt. Give us a call or check our website regularly for new pets. You can also search online for pets available at other area organizations at: