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Our Dogs for Adoption

purple_heartLonely Hearts Club pets are designated with a purple heart. They have been with us for two months or more. It is usually because of their breed or coloring, or they may bark or be very shy when people approach  them. Remember that dogs are very different when outside of their kennels. Please get to know them before passing them by.


Regular Adoption Fees:
Dogs range from $50 to $300, varying by age and breed.
Why do fees vary? The most popular pets are puppies and purebreds.
So some of our wonderful pets -- those who are a little older or have special needs --
are often overlooked. The range of fees is to encourage adoption of the "less popular" pets,
as well as to help offset the cost of extra care for those who need it.

Page updated on 4/14/2014


10 Months
Pit Bull Mix
Spayed Female
ID#: 055369
Arrived: 3/25/14
Reason: Moving


11 Months
Spayed Female
Pit Bull Mix
ID#: 055336
Arrived: 3/18/14
Reason: Stray


4 Years
Pit Bull Mix
Spayed Female
ID#: 044337
Arrived: 3/19/14


2 Years
Pit Bull Mix
Neutered Male
ID#: 055293
Arrived: 3/8/14
Reason: Moving

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5 Years
Pit Bull Mix
Spayed Female
ID#: 055367
Arrived: 3/25/13
Reason: Pet Conflict


5 Years
Boxer Mix
Spayed Female
ID#: 055287
Arrived: 3/8/14
Reason: Does not like other dogs



1 Year
Pit Bull Mix
Spayed Female
ID#: 055081
Arrived: 1/16/14
Reason: Owner Surrender